Weight Loss/Slim Fit

Weight Loss/Slim Fit

Obesity is becoming a very common problem in our companion animals and it can negatively affect their quality of life—and the length of their life as well. Just as in humans, carrying lots of extra pounds can lead to an increase risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other health issues. The video below can give you more information on the seriousness of this problem.

At Prairie Animal Health Centre, we use a body condition scoring scale to determine if your pet is at a healthy weight. Once we know for sure that your pet is overweight, we will enroll them in the SlimFit Program, which is essentially computer software designed to tell us how many calories and how much exercise your pet needs in order to shed the excess pounds.

While on the SlimFit program, we’ll ask you to bring your pet for a “weigh-in” every 3-4 weeks, so we can assess your pet’s progress and to adjust the food/exercise amounts if needed.

Think your pet might need help “slimming down”? Make an appointment online or call us at 306-241-0256.

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