Hug A Vet Tech!

October is Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) Month

Across Canada this month we are celebrating RVTs and the absolutely vital role they play in your pet’s health. These members of our healthcare team can wear many hats: anesthesia, dentistry, nutrition, radiology, lab work, research—RVTs do it all, and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

RVTs are highly-trained professionals who work extremely hard to gain their credentials and to stay updated on the latest in veterinary care. At Prairie Animal Health Centre, our RVTs not only provide medical care for dogs and cats, but also large animals and livestock. They are the right hand of our doctors and often take on every other role at the hospital including reception, lab tech and trauma nurse.

Recognizing the contributions of RVTs is also another way to create awareness about the ongoing need for skilled technicians in veterinary medicine. It is a respected, growing profession and perfect for anyone who is dedicated to animals and would enjoy a fast-paced, varied profession where they are constantly learning—and helping others.

We are very proud of the exceptional RVTs at Prairie Animal Health Centre and want to salute them and all RVTs working tirelessly on behalf of animals!

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