Fireworks Are Coming Soon. Help Your Best Friend Stay Calm.

Many of our pets don’t enjoy loud noises, but some suffer from noise aversion and are downright terrified of any kind of commotion. If your pet trembles, furrows their brow or clings to you when they hear loud noises, they likely suffer from noise aversion.

Plan on keeping pets inside during the week of Canada Day. When you expect fireworks, give pets comfy places to hide, and play calming music or white noise to help distract them. Now is also as good a time as any to get your pet microchipped or update your information if it is old—pets often run and hide when they hear loud booms, and microchips are the best way to track down lost animals.

If your best friend becomes extremely anxious when encountering loud noises, schedule an appointment at Prairie Animal Health Center soon. There are numerous options for treating noise aversion, and we can help you find the right one in time for Canada Day. Give us a call at 306-241-0256 to schedule an appointment!

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