Aggressive Dogs and Vet Visits

Having an aggressive dog means that you as a pet owner have some unique challenges—one especially difficult obstacle is bringing a dog to the vet. Because all dogs need regular veterinary care, it’s extremely important to be mindful of things you can do when you are scheduling and transporting an aggressive dog to the veterinarian.

Here are some tips for success when dealing with aggressive dogs and the veterinarian.

Try to Schedule the First or Last Appointment of the Day

When you’re communicating with the person in charge of appointments, see if you can request the first or last appointment of the day. Often these dates and times fill up rather quickly, so try to schedule a visit at least two to four weeks in advance. The benefit of these time slots is that fewer dogs will be lingering around in the lobby, parking lot and exam rooms. Also, these times are usually the quietest at a veterinary clinic.

Use Your Car as a Waiting Area

Waiting in your car on a cool day before an appointment limits the chances of an encounter. A good idea is to park your car as far away as you can from the front of the hospital, so your dog doesn’t see anyone moving around. When you need to check in with the front desk, leave your AC running, check in and then tell them you’ll be waiting in the car until it’s your turn.

After an appointment, exit through the back

Once your vet visit is complete, you can pay your bill right in the exam room. Once payment has been rendered, ask to see if there is a back or side door that you can take so you can slip out with no encounters.

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